Gynecomastia or Reduction of the Male Breast

Gynecomastia is a surgery that is performed on men who have firm and elastic skin so that the new contours of the body can be reshaped. An overweight man cannot be performed, the surgery is carried out mainly on men who will not be able to achieve the results they wanted with exercise with a diet, the approximate surgical time is 1 hour, using local anesthesia and it has a recovery time of 24 at 48 hours.



First of all, the surgery must be scheduled with your trusted surgeon, having your complete medical history in hand, to prepare for the surgery, tests will be carried out to confirm that the patient has not consumed any medication with estrogens and steroids, it is also probable that performance of different tests to rule out other medical incidents.



Gynecomastia has a high probability of reinforcing the patient’s confidence, the results are surprisingly significant and permanent by means of a small liposuction removal of excess glandular tissue.