Nose Surgery (Rinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty is surgery that consists of retouching the nose in order to improve breathing and appearance, either to change the size or shape, to perform this process the surgeon restructures the hole in the nose and the lower part of the nose known as cartilage.



First of all, you should review your medical history with your trusted doctor so that the doctor knows if the patient has a history of bleeding or it is possible that he is not suitable for rhinoplasty.


After reviewing the medical history, the surgeon performs a medical examination to conclude what changes must be made and how the surgery can be carried out depending on the thickness of the skin or the strength of the cartilage at the end of the nose.



There are some simple precautions to take after surgery such as:


Stay in bed with your head elevated above your chest.


Avoid doing physical exercises.


You don’t have to wet your nose bandages


you can’t blow your nose


You must have a high fiber diet, such as fruits or vegetables.


Avoid intense facial expressions.


Reduce movement in the part of the upper lip (try not to brush your teeth so hard)


You cannot wear glasses or sunglasses.