The technique of Brazilian butt lift is used remodel your buttocks, creating a more aesthetic figure and slender silhouette. Dr. Victor Astudillo performs a meticulous remodeling of the contour of the hips and buttocks in each patient, using your own fat that is extracted and transplanted from other unwanted areas.

Autologous fat has been defined as the best filling material and the least harmful for the body since it is the fat tissue of each individual patient. By grafting a tissue of its own there will not be a rejection of the tissue or any adverse allergic reactions.

Dr. Victor Astudillo, evaluates the body shape of each patient to individualize their procedure and achieve the desired objectives and results.


The buttocks augmentation through lipofilling or Brazilian butt lift has several advantages over traditional techniques such as the implantation of gluteal prostheses. These advantages include:

  • Natural and aesthetic results
  • Avoid the high percentage of complications related to implants placement
  • Avoid the problems associated with the rotation of implants
  • Postoperative is less painful and less uncomfortable
  • Quick recovery
  • Avoid scars


It is normal to have some swelling and bruising after this procedure. The pain is managed with prescribed medication. The majority of patients return to work after a week and use compression garments  for 6 to 8 weeks. Applying pressure on the gluteal area could negatively impact the results of the procedure, so we recommend that the patient sit on a pillow for the first six weeks.


The butt lift is a surgical procedure that must be performed in an operating room with all of the required medical professionals and equipment. The patient can be discharged the same day or stay overnight in our prestigious institution, Clinica Latino. This procedure is an operation performed under general anesthesia or epidural block plus intravenous sedation. Safety of the patient is our priority, thus a certified anesthesiologist is in the operating room at all times.


It is recommended for butt lift patients to abstain from physical activity for a period of six weeks. Dr. Victor Astudillo provides every patient with printed instructions as a detailed guide of what to do during your recovery.


Part of the injected fat is reabsorbed so that more of the desired amount is transferred. You can see a noticeable improvement of the size and shape of the buttocks immediately after your Brazilian butt lift in STIMA, but the final results will be seen around three months. At this point, the fat that exists in the butt will be there indefinitely and will only be impacted by weight changes. Depending on the fat deposits that we have in the body and the desired volume to transfer to the butt, sometimes more than one  session is necessary to achieve the desired shape and size.


Dr. Astudillo evaluates each patient’s body type and concerns to determine the best techniques that will produce optimal results. He then tailors each Brazilian butt lift procedure to meet the patient’s unique goals and desires. Ideal candidates for Brazilian butt lift may relate to the following circumstances:

  • Disproportionately small buttocks
  • Flat or shapeless buttocks
  • Difficulty fitting into clothing and swimwear
  • Excess fat deposits that obscure curves