Augmentation Mammoplasty is the technical name for a breast augmentation. Currently, it is one of the procedures of cosmetic surgery that is most demanded by women worldwide due to its high levels of success and natural results.

Thanks to the advanced biotechnological level in the development of the implants used, the mammoplasty procedure can be done safely and successfully with very rewarding results. With this breast augmentation, women can regain harmony and balance in their figure and increase the size and projection of their breast while maintaining a beautiful shape, natural look, and natural to the touch.

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves the placement of a breast implant or prosthesis in order to increase the size of the breast and improve their shape and position.


The aesthetic success of breast implant surgery depends not only on the surgical skill of the doctor but also on making the right decisions regarding the type, size, shape, and placement plane of the breast implants.

Dr. Astudillo puts a special emphasis on the preoperative consultation which focuses on educating his patients about the different procedure options available. After a thorough evaluation, he discusses his surgical plan with the patient and answers any doubts or concerns. In doing so, the decision to proceed becomes a mutual agreement with the confidence that the expected results will be obtained.

After your consultation and a careful evaluation of your anatomy, Dr. Victor Astudillo can recommend the best option of breast implants that will help you achieve your goals and personalized aesthetic results.


Augmentation mammoplasty or breast augmentation is an intervention that aims to improve the size and shape of the breasts. Common causes for seeking breast augmentation include the following:

  1. Lack of development of the mammary gland
  2. Loss of breast volume after pregnancy, breast feeding, and/or weight loss
  3. Malformations, volume differences, and asymmetries of congenital cause, for example  tuberous or acquired  as in tumorectomies after breast cancer
  4. Patients looking for a more attractive and proportionated figure.