The goal of body contour procedures is to modify characteristics of the body to create a more proportionate, harmonious, and slender figure, thus restoring a more athletic and youthful body shape.

At STIMA we specialize in a variety of body contouring procedures, which can be performed individually or in combination with one another. Our priority is always patient safety which we ensure through a thorough medical assessments and individualized consultations in order to inform the patient about the procedure(s). At STIMA we are certain to work with body contour surgery candidates on their unique goals and assess what techniques can meet and exceed their expectations.

For this reason and to obtain natural, tangible and lasting results, Dr. Victor Astudillo puts a special emphasis on the preoperative consultation which focuses on educating his patients about the different options and procedures available. After a thorough evaluation, he discusses his surgical plan with the patient and answers any doubts and concerns. In doing so, the decision to proceed becomes a mutual agreement with the confidence that the expected results will be obtained.