The woman’s Breasts plays an important role in her life in terms of her anatomy and her femininity. Breast surgery has greatly evolved in recent years, with significant advances in both surgical techniques and the modernity of breast implants. At STIMA, breast surgery comprises a series of personalized procedures designed to rejuvenate and restore the beauty, shape, and size of the breasts. For Dr.Victor Astudillo, a successful breast surgery will have a natural look, be proportional, and bring harmony to the body.


For Dr. Astudillo, naturalness, proportions, and body harmony are the key elements of great results. To achieve natural, tangible, and lasting results, Dr. Astudillo uses surgical procedures that are more advanced and technically complex. This ensures that the results are more harmonious and homogeneous compared to conventional techniques.

The breast surgery is a procedure that must be performed in an operating room with all of the required medical professionals and equipment. The patient can be discharged the same day or stay overnight in our prestigious institution, Clinica Latino. This procedure is an operation performed under general anesthesia . Patients safety is our  first priority, thus a certified anesthesiologist is in the operating room at all times. Clinica Latino has over 60 years of experience serving the Cuenca community, keeping us at avant-garde with state-of-the-art technology and facilities that provide comfort and only the best treatment for our patients.


As in all our procedures at STIMA, Dr. Astudillo is known for providing personalized treatment to all his patients in your first consultation, planning of the surgery, and in subsequent appointments.

At the core of our philosophy at STIMA is the need to undertake a comprehensive medical assessment and individualized advice about the different procedures that would be suitable for each patient and their unique goals. For this, and to achieve natural, tangible, and lasting results, Dr. Astudillo places special emphasis on the preoperative consultation which focuses on educating his patients about the different procedures that could be an option. After a thorough evaluation, he discusses his surgical plan with each patient and answers their doubts and concerns in such a way that the decision to proceed is based on a mutual agreement and confidence that the expected results will be obtained.


The objective of breast surgery is to obtain more beautiful and rejuvenated breasts by correcting the alterations or asymmetries of size, shape, or position of the breast, which can be related to developmental disorders, pregnancy and breast feeding, congenital problems, and/or weight loss or gain, as well as reconstructive surgery to correct previous surgeries and surgeries after breast cancer.


Dr. Victor Astudillo is a Plastic Surgeon recognized for his surgical skills, precise attention to detail, and his ability to establish a connection with his patients, which is reflected in his constant search for perfection for each patient. He uses his advanced knowledge of the anatomical proportions and qualities that make breasts beautiful and natural to produce the best possible results in each of his surgeries.