Several factors such as pregnancy, breast feeding, weight gain and loss, genetic factors or simply the passage of time can have a negative impact on the shape and appearance of the breasts. These factors cause the skin and connective tissue to lose their elasticity and volume, resulting in a flabby, empty chest and often with stretch marks.

Breast lift or mastopexy is a procedure designed to restore and reshape a woman’s breasts in terms of position, shape, and natural size. In STIMA the mastopexy is a highly individualized procedure, directed to the particular needs of each patient.

Ideal Candidates for Breast Lift or Mastopexy

Ideal candidates for this surgery are women in their 30s who are physically and mentally healthy. Characteristics of good candidates often include sagging and or flabby breasts, stretch marks, and enlarged nipples.

Your Breast Lift Consultation in STIMA

“The first step any patient must take is being able to fully understand the breast lift procedure. In doing so, that is the only way a patient can make the right decision.”  – Victor Astudillo

STIMA’s priority is to educate our patients about the different surgical procedures and determine a good candidacy. Dr. Víctor Astudillo puts special emphasis on the preoperative consultation in which he focuses on the patient’s different options. After a thorough evaluation of anatomy, mammary, and body proportions, we develop a surgical plan with the patient. In doing so, we cover all doubts and concerns, and ensure that a decision is made as a mutual agreement with realistic expectations.