In some patients, it is necessary to increase the size and projection of the chin to achieve an adequate balance between the different facial areas and improve the patient’s profile.

Alterations in the projection and shape of the chin are an important aspect of facial harmony, which often goes unnoticed by our patients. The chin is positioned as a central element of facial balance, and in certain cases we recommend it to enhance the results of a nose job, face lift, or  liposuction of the neck. The nose, chin, and neck are three anatomical points of our face, each of which has an individual aesthetic that contributes to the balance of the face.

The increase in the shape and projection of the chin can produce a more defined chin, enhanced profile, and definition of the mandibular line. This leads to a beautification of a round facial appearance, a hyper projected nose, or a lack of definition in the neck.

The decrease in the size and projection of the chin contributes to a balance in an oval face shape.

It is for these reasons that a chin surgery can be performed in conjunction with and enhance the results of other procedures such as a face lift, nose job, and/or liposuction of the neck.

Dr. Victor Astudillo performs two different techniques in cosmetic chin surgeries: the lipo-infiltration of fat previously extracted by liposuction of the hips or sides of the patient, and the use of implants specifically designed to be placed directly on the bone.